Thanks / Thank you / Ta /
Icecream man - Here you go
Dave - Thank you
Jed - Thanks
Gregg - Ma Ha!
by Gregg Riley January 21, 2008
A young boy from Belfast who is 13 stone and in 2nd year. He has a blue nipple and a cock the size of a peanut
Ma ha you fat mess get your face out of my pie before i slap your big fat hole to china
by Nathan Mc Farland April 12, 2005
wow, oh my god, or what the hell
"Maha! I can't believe you beat me!" said Lily as she threw down the chess piece.
by Alicia January 07, 2004
A laugh used by gayboys to scare people
by grayfrust December 06, 2009
a word invented by the rio tainy and hayley ppl. meaning oh shit in a depressing way.
girl: your going to die
by rio May 05, 2005
Maha- something you say to express intense emotions and you can't think of anything else. Or just something pointless to say.
Maha I can't think of any examples

maha maha maha maha...
by Odd one May 11, 2004
a retarded 16 year old les from RO
maha eats out her gf everyday
by GOD-POING September 13, 2003

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