An acronym for "Midnight Adventure Happens."
Mah is a celebration by two or more bros that typically involves drinking, Mario Kart, and life talks.

It is best celebrated in a starlit field or other outdoor location, although one's basement may be used as a substitute during the winter months.

As made apparent by the name, MAH must be celebrated past midnight.
Tracy grew annoyed by all of the drunken texts she received from Putnam and Murphy, who were celebrating MAH together.
by senorfrog44 January 22, 2011
Word used by Biggie Smalls. It is like saying man but way better cause fuckin Biggie said it. R.I.P. Biggie
Hey mah, this for grown men mah. keep this out ya hands mah.
by biggie101jamaicanrum August 27, 2009
the single most hilarious word featured in Ouran High School Host Club (it's an anime). It's supposed to be from "something Robo anime," meaning something a robot would say.
Mentioned at the beginning of episode 22, then actually used at the end. Still cracks me up, every time. MAH?!
by UD user #468 April 18, 2007
Somthing you say when there is nothing else to talk about. Its fun to say when a teacher is yelling at you ; or parent.
Kendal: Love you.
Dave: Love you to.
Kendal: Mah.
Dave: Oh, mah to you to.

Teacher: Get out!
Kendal: MAHHHH!
Teacher: ...........(What the hell?!)
by DudeWheresYourPants! March 03, 2011
A bastardization of the word 'my' caused by children of this generation. Mah is used especially in conversations using AOL Instant Messenger (also known as AIM). Hooked on Phonics may have played a great role in this case.

In any case, this is used by children who think that they are cool by using these kinds of bastardizations in normal instant messaging conversations.
-I drove mah mah's car!
-You mean you drove your mother's transportation device?
by Urban Dictionary November 02, 2004
a word that can be added to any sentence in place of "my."
Mah mom is too hot to handle.
by Yebeka December 19, 1999
Usage: to be mah'd : the act of reciving delegated work from a co-worker after cleaning off your plate.
I was gonna go to the bar at 4:15, but I got mah'd at 3:50. I'll be here all night
by Rich & Da Team June 22, 2007

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