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The act of removing greasy and/or crusty pubic hair from the crotch region and sprinkling them on a victim. Can also be placed on or in an edible item or beverage.
When's the last time you showered?, that magic dust had crotch crickets in it.
by rowdy rimjob jr. October 21, 2010
Could be called "pixie dust" and may also be known as "fairy dust", it is a fictional substance. It is a trail of sparkling material that often follows mythical creatures such as pixies and fairies in general when they are visually represented. Sometimes, this trail is interpreted as being a tangible substance, often imbued with magic powers.

Taken to normal realms of human existence, one could use it to describe bringing forth help from the ethereal, or heavenly spirit, to cause something humanly impossible to happen.
"It took magic dust to get her to let me in her pants."
by kk2again June 29, 2008
A magical mix of 9 spices blended in perfect harmony to spice up every meal. Contains Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Paprika, Cayenne, Mustard Powder, Chili Powder, Cumin, and Garlic. Invented by Champion BBQ Pitmaster Mike Mills.
Guy 1: Dude, I put some magic dust on my mac & cheese this morning, it was excellent!
Guy 2: Oh yeah? I put some on my pizza once and nearly had a mouthgasm!
by Fonzai June 19, 2011
A convenient lie or half-truth used to advance the blow-er (usually a tenacious woman or girl) toward an unseen ultimate goal which usually requires time, patience and deception to accomplish; Convincing someone of something that isn't true.
That girl totally blew some magic dust in order to get that guy to fall for her. He never would have otherwise.
by Brokenmended November 10, 2010
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