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1. A show about this bus that would shrink, get sick,and fly. It was awsome and educatinal. It was awsomcational

2.A term used for making fun of someone usually because they ride the short bus.
1.magic school bus was the reason I woke up early on Saturday mornings

2.Why don't you just shut up Jimmy and go ride on the magic school bus?
by DizzyLizzy May 31, 2006
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A really cool show for really cool kids.
Person #1: dude, did you see Ms. Frizzle on the magic school bus yesterday.
Person #2: Yeah, I would like to tap that frizzle ass
Person #1: wait, why can't we?
Person #2: To the school bus!!
by kwhiz November 27, 2007
A super awesome school bus a few atlanta ravers impulsively decided they were going to buy to carry large groups of other ravers to far away events in, starting with Beyond Wonderland Seattle 2011.
The Rabbit: Hey man, I hear the Magic School Bus is going to Alchemy this year. You going?

The Walrus: Hell yeah! The Magic School Bus beats the hell out of carpoooling.

The Rabbit: True that, homie!
by Maddest Of The Hatters March 08, 2011
a classic hit tv show about little kids doing things only possible by the use of a telephone
by sashafan July 10, 2003

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