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An insane concoction of cookies-and-cream Häagen-Dazs, skim milk, Ecstasy, mushrooms and LSD. Commonly drank by hackers of epic proportions.
Albert Gonzalez: "Dude, we got anymore magic milkshakes left?"
Stephen Watt: "Nah man, let me make some more. We've still got some LSD, right?"
by trap15 May 09, 2011
milk that has been boiled with cannabis then had fruit added. when ingested makes the drinker high or stoned depending on the concentration of cannabis
yo man lets go make some magic milkshake !!!
by stoner January 01, 2004
Something that Jamal is now hooked on because of Grande
Jamal loves the magic milkshake
by Andy May 03, 2004
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