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A game you play when you are high on weed or LSD involving a dark room or staircase, a flashlight, and a group consisting of you and your friends. When the flashlight is turned on, the person who wishes to hold it first must trace it on the walls and/or ceiling. He/she must keep the beam of light, (which should always be shaped like a circle), moving in a circular motion. The flashlight is passed to everyone in the group. The object of the game is for someone to classify the circle of light as a magic cookie. Hopefully, if the game is played right, more than one person will say, "Hey! That looks like a freakin' magic cookie!"
Hent! The name of the game! The winner(s) can win anything the group decides on. One last thing! They must be high when they decide the prize!
We got so high on the herb and acid that we decided to play magic cookies last night. Me and my BF won, so our prize was some more free weed!
by peachpie88 August 28, 2011
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