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Taylor Caniff; an 18 year old male who is fucking hot,wears bandanas all of the time,is apart of magcon tour,is from vine and YouTube,hot af, and just a great fucking person in general
Taylor Caniff is so fucking hot I want him to fuck me
by Taylor Caniff fuck me please February 11, 2014
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Taylor Caniff is a fucking stupid douchebag and is homophobic. He doesn't know how to spell. He got famous from Vine and he is apart of Magcon. He has millions of brainwashed teenage fangirls that only like him for his looks. He also has a song called Buckwild that actually isn't made by him. The real singer of the song who wrote it is Pontus Pettersson.
"Wow I fucking hate Taylor Caniff"
by katelyn rose September 10, 2014
One of the many assholes apart of magcon, most people had not heard of him until a video of him preaching out against homosexuality was uploaded and exploded online in a matter of hours. The video upset many people when he condemned gay sex and said it was "fucking disgusting" then later deemed lesbian sex understandable. An uproar on twitter quickly followed even getting a response from Tyler Oakley. Taylor then addressed the issue on twitter by saying "Everyone's aloud an opinion..." after several more tweets/lies about it being impossible for him to be homophobic he made a half-assed apology which said ".. @tyleroakley @Ruppism_ but if you want your apology go fish..But i do apologize to everyone else for my old mistakes it was wrong of me". This tweets was deleted minutes later showing that he truly wasn't sorry.
Did you hear about Taylor Caniff?
by cybertruth June 23, 2014

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