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"Divine Queen (or Graceful Lady) of Horse, Sea and Tree"
Maerian is formed from the blend of several meanings:

Ma is "good" in Indo-European
Mae means good in Tolkien's invented language, Sindarin
Maer means mother in some variants of Gaelic, and is a varian of Mary, from mare, or sea in Latin
Maer is also a variant of Mare, "horse" just as

Rian is a variant of Rhiannon, a Welsh Mythology Horse Goddess
Rian is a variant of divine maiden in Welsh
Rian means Queen in Tolkien's Sindarin (see above)
Maeri is a variant of Mary, Sympathetic in Hebrew
Maerian is also a variant of the Hebrew blend Maryanna with Mary meaning "Sympathetic"and Anna meaning "Grace".
by Divine Lady February 04, 2010
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