A condition that happens to skateboarders who are unable to land a desired trick after many tries. Some skateboarders develop superstitions or routines before, during or after skating which are suspose to help reduce or prevent madness. Symptons include but are not limited to: breaking or "focusing" one's skateboard, swearing loudly, rabbling or talking to one's self, kicking or throwing one's skateboard, intentional injurying one's self, and talking to inanimate objects such as handrails, ledges, benches or skateboards. Skateboarders who suffer from it often become very determined to land the trick that is giving them trouble. It is not uncommon for a madness victim to continue trying the same trick for several hours. It is very hard to talk a madness victim out of trying they're trick. Skateboarders with madness may continue trying the trick even if they become seriously injured from trying it.
Gosh, Aaron's would be a great skater if his madness didn't kick in after a every few tries.

You can't land that flip switch if you can't even do it regular! Geez man, stop the madness!

Kyle landed a few tricks on it and then that's when the madness set in.
by Kevin Hsu August 17, 2004
Top Definition
Madness, you say?


Man 1: Madness, you say? THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!

Man 1 kicks Man 2 in the chest into an endless abyss

Man 2: WTF?
by Jordan Spangenberg April 08, 2007
A series of flash cartoons involving mass chaotic killings by a hero who admits to enjoy doing it. Made by a flash artist known as Krinkles. www.madnesscombat.com
Madness is senseless violence, improbability drive, and Jesus... somewhere in Nevada
by AngryAsianGirl April 01, 2004
1.) To be mad
2.) The ultimate Ska band of the 80's, consisting of Chas smash, Bedders, Barzo, Chrissy Boy, Thommo, Woody, and ofcourse Suggs
"I've been saving up my money for a very long time. I'm very glad I have enough for Madness' Christmas tour this December."
by Agatha Mold October 04, 2004
A fud-rucking great series made by Krinkels
Madness Combat fucking pwns you
by Moo February 04, 2004
1) Used to describe something that is insanely good
2) Also can be used as a compliment
3) The word uttered before shouting "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" proceeded (if you've got the balls) by kicking someone in the chest, preferably into something
1) SomeGuy "What was it like scoring with Jessica Alba 3 times in one night?"
PureLegend "Absolute fucking madness!"

2) Bloke "These nachos are pure madness!"

3) DudeA "For no apparent reason we are having a conversation."
Dude1 "Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!"
*Boots DudeA into oncoming traffic*
Dude1 "..."
by Infamous CMK October 30, 2007
When a group of thugs/chavs/delinquents etc all meet up in a group and ambush/single someone out to harm or even kill them.
Oi mate, up for a Madness tonight?

Yeah, Sure! what time?
by NonChavLutonian July 09, 2009
doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result
madman: im gonna run into this wall until i can phase through it

random guy: thats madness
by shamalamadingdong January 08, 2008
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