doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result
madman: im gonna run into this wall until i can phase through it

random guy: thats madness
by shamalamadingdong January 08, 2008
It's like gravity, all it takes is a little..... PUSH!
by oldemberg February 07, 2014
A general term for having a good time.
The reason for going out and seeking human interaction whilst under the influence.
"Yeah bro, tonight is gonna be MADNESS!"

"Bro that bouncer/cop/loser just fully killed all the madness"

"The madness wave you're riding is gonna crash soon bro, you'll be the TRUE degen"
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
A word used in the phrase "What IS this madness??"
"What IS this madness??"
by the sane maniac February 01, 2004
While the word madness has many meanings, the simplest and most widely accepted is that madness is in fact *not* Sparta, but could very well be blasphemy.
Person A: Dude this is blasphemy, it's madness...
Person B: Naw bro, this is Sparta.
by FatManMGS2 December 05, 2007
Madness is not a blurring or distortion of reality.. It's a sudden extreme clarity of things, unaffected by feelings or emotions"

- Ken Muslimovic.
A: You're mad.
B: That, I am, dear friend. That, I surely am.
by Vuk November 22, 2003
To be awesome. To pwn all others. To not cuss. To be friendly. To be a cod4 lover.
To be a nerd having no life except for gaming and pc <3
u see mAdNeSs on a server...die after tht...and saying: THIS IS MADNESS
by madnessssss November 10, 2008

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