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to take, steal or lose someone's money or investments without a care or apparent concern especially when the sums are by the multi millions or billions.
to "madeoff" with somebody's pensions fund. A pun on Bernie Madoff the world's most notorious ponzi schemer who is accused of losing $50billion of OPM or other people's money.
by vson60 January 11, 2009
Being ripped off by unscrupulous people, due to

your own complacency and being TOO LAZY to

pull out a $2 calculator. See: Embezzlement
Looks like someone in eBay is doing a "Madeoff":

December "New fees": $14.55
Line Item actual amount: $14.43 (1%)

November "New Fees" = $24.56
Line Item actual amount: $24.31 (1%)

Ebay customer support agrees there is a
computer error, has existed since 2004!

So this particular scam: SIX YEARS!

Grocers do the MADEOFF:
1 gallon milk: $3.98
half gallon: $1.98 (cheaper to buy 2 of these!)

By being a businessman: I do the Madeoff everyday!
by Kill_the_Bill January 08, 2010
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