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1. noun - a person who studies the sacred art of madalion

2. noun - a type of martial arts, based on strategy(including strange mental concepts), AEEP (agility energy efficiency power), and superiority. It normally takes about 10 years to become a true madalion, usually referred to as "One True Madalion". Something called a thought cube is involved, I find it highly confusing and meaningless. Finding someone who is a madalion is extremely hard(for me atleast). In theory, it originated from a arabian man and a chinese man getting into a fight, then becoming freinds. This happened sometime between 400->3000 years ago, and none of the madalions I've met can agree. Sometimes madalion is thought of as a religion.
1. Robbie Banatoarou is one of the greatest Madalions in the world, I seriously doubt any normal person could fight him.

2. Robbie Banatoarou trained in the art of madalion for 14 years to become a "One True Madalion".
by Master Exon March 13, 2005
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