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Anything can be described as "the mad note" if considered; excellent,entertaining, surprising, unexpected or awe-inspiring.
That was the mad note!

(or for geater emphasis) Dude! that shit was the mad note!
by Carl Ashford December 27, 2003
52 11
Morris day and the mothafuckin' time !
"That shits the mad notes yo!"
by Leroy the big lipped nigger June 26, 2003
33 3
best sounds around ,the number one song,crunkest song.
"you dont know JUNGLE LOVE"? "that shit is the MAD NOTE!!"
by William Thomas July 26, 2003
36 10
very good, usu. applied to music, but can be applied to anything worthy of such praise
"youse guys never heard of "The Time"
a band? -dude, that shit is the madnotes"
by alan harrison July 02, 2003
7 3
Jay and silent bob.

Also see: moris day
They Are the madnotes!!!
by Tunacubes January 20, 2004
9 6
da absolute bomb. kuz u no dat shit is wack
dat bling is da madnote!!
by Maz June 02, 2003
3 16