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A brat who never knows when to shut her legs.
Brian: I was banging that girl last night!
Justin: Was it Maddog?
Brian: Obviously, she gets around!!!!
by fuckinfreshasfuckinhellfuck April 08, 2011
the nickname of one of the greatest white NBA players of all-time Mark Madsen
Look at Mad Dog strut down the court after that dunk!
by mike July 26, 2004
When a girl is giving a guy a blowjob the guy doesn't say he's going to come so unexpectedly the guy comes in her mouth. She's spitting the come out making her look like a mad dog with white foam coming out of it's mouth.
"Dude totally mad dogged that trick last night!"
by Torolf September 01, 2008
When a person mad dogs you,they stare at you in a mean way.
I usually get mad dogged by all the fuckin haters.
by Deno Saenz December 14, 2005
A crazy old git that sometimes gets as mardy as his arse even if you haven't done anything wrong. It's a gamble wether you're gonna piss him off or not or vice versa.
It's also a McPorritt that can't find anything to do with his hair, needs to pull his trousers up sometimes and drive a little quicker now and again.
Alan the Mad Dog
by Bobby Ovlov September 09, 2010
a term that nobody uses
Who on earth says "mad dog ?"
by slang master 2000 June 04, 2010
1: a girl who goes to a private all-girls catholic high school. 2: eternally drunk, looking and sounding (especially on the phone at midnight). 3: TRAILOR PARK wannabe
Man, Mad Dog, you sure were drunk last night.
by Captain Ashton December 17, 2003