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The opposite of a Baker's Dozen where the customer receives 13 of a product for the price of 12; in a Banker's Dozen the customer receives 11 of the product for the price of 12
Hector was surprised to find only 11 glasses in his gift of 12 glasses that he received from the bank. Later, Hector learned that the Bank offers a Banker's Dozen in their gifts and products, in which they steal one item.
by KingOfTheStreets35 May 10, 2010
A team in college football that annually beats up soft teams and demands to play in the National Championship game. Boise State often plays teams like Wyoming, New Mexico State, Louisiana Tech, Utah State, and San Jose State. They insist that they deserve to play for a national championship even though their schedule has sometimes consisted of zero ranked teams. In 2010 Boise State may steal a BCS bowl berth from teams such as Alabama, Nebraska, and Ohio State that play nearly half their games against ranked opponents (examples of teams from their respective schedule's include Texas, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Auburn, LSU, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Miami, and Penn State). Boise State is also known for their large population of bandwagon fans.
Boise State believes that they should play for a national championship after feasting on a bunch of D-2 quality opponents over teams that play and defeat multiple ranked national powerhouses.

Boise State playing in a BCS bowl is like hiring a Community College graduate with a 4.0 GPA over hiring a Harvard or Yale graduate with a 3.97 GPA.
by KingOfTheStreets35 November 07, 2010
synonymous with over working. Someone who extends way too much effort for their job/work. In sports when someone plays over the top hard defense when down 50 or chases after every loose ball even though the game is over. In everyday life is when a low waged worker asks hundreds of questions and tries to overcharge and harass customers. In video gaming when a gamer works ridiculously hard on one task (like they mad dog trying to kill one specific player and disregard other tasks)
The McDonald's employee was mad dogging when he launched a small scale investigation of whether water was in my water cup.

Ryan was guilty of mad dogging when he obsessively hunted his brother in Battlefront.

Wallace was mad dogging on defense despite his team losing by over twenty points with his hard and dirty fouls
by KingOfTheStreets35 November 07, 2010

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