Apple device user who believes doggedly in the superiority of anything produced by Apple but lacks any actual technical knowledge. Mactards have no idea how computers actually work and eventually lose all ability to operate even the most rudimentary technological devices because they lack Apple's look-and-feel.
Friend 1: Why is the TV still on?
Friend 2: Oh, that's my roommate; he's a Mactard and can't figure out the remote.
Mactard: <swiping thumb across flashlight> Why won't this unlock?
by slickenstein February 04, 2010
A computer user who has forgotten (or is ignorant of) the true purpose of the computers existence. A mactard is oblivious to the fact that the computer is a tool for doing legitimate work but is enamored by how cool his MAC looks.
mactard to windows user:
"hey dude check this out, I have 60,000 pictures in this folder and iMistakenIdentity has identified my face in 20,000 of them. Check this out....oh, that's my brothers naked butt....wait check this one out....oops that's not me either - how did that get in there. Hang on I'll find a picture that has me in it.

windows user to mactard:
So where are you at with the sales report for the CEO?

mactard to windows user:
I haven't started my PC yet. Hey come check out this new song by lil-weeny.
by lcsgeek May 14, 2009
Someone who thinks Apple computers are a godsend having zero knowledge that they're not as bulletproof as Apple claims. These people blindly pay the hefty price premium for an Apple computer just to surf the web, listen to music & check email. And they think they're better than everyone else because their computer is shiny & polished which is apparently more important than performance or battery life. To them, it's form over function.

Apple says Macs are "immune" to infection. Is that why you can buy Norton Anti-Virus for Mac? If Macs are so perfect & "just work", then why does Apple quietly release updates (i.e. Snow Leopard which is a 170MB update & contains multiple security patches, bug fixes & stability tweaks?
PC User - Nice new Macbook you got there. Have you updated to the latest service pack?

Mac User - Huh? No need, it's perfect, I just downloaded & installed the latest Snow Leopard It was only 170 megabytes so no big deal!

PC User - You know what a 170 megabyte update is right?

Mac User - No, what?

PC User - That's a Service Pack, like what you would find in Windows.

Mac User - (covers ears) - No! I don't believe you, la la la la la la!!!

PC User - What a Mactard....
by Bishop114 November 19, 2009
Someone who could be classified as retarded, yet still possesses enough knowledge to make others believe he is capable of difficult tasks, thus creating suffering from his ineptitude.

Typically encountered in the workplace, MacTards can be dangerous and unpredictable. Unlike someone who is merely retarded and familiar with their limitations, MacTards have great confidence in their ability.
Nick: “We both just got fired for letting Pete put the books away?"

Dave: "How?"

Nick: “Somehow while putting them on the shelves he ended up lighting our office on fire.”

Dave: “I told you not to leave those matches and oily rags down there around that MacTard.”
by Louisiana Gold January 20, 2009
mak-tard –noun

having a tendency towards a blind faith in all products derived from falling off the Apple tree;
a dunce; blockhead; dolt.
Psychology . a person of the first order in a new classification of mental retardation, slightly above the level of idiocy, having a mental age of seven or eight years and an intelligence quotient of 50 to 75.
mentally sheeple; showing serious tendency towards intellectual sheepleness, lack of independent thought; stupid; silly; absurd.
condition including a chronic paradoxical reaction to the simple instruction to "think different".

1983–85; earlier apple-dumbling < olde Frankish pomme-du-merde >

—Related forms
mac•tard•ly, adverb

iSheep, iDiot, sheeple
That d-bag just spent another 750 bucks on a new iPhone4! What a macTard!
by dervishZ April 08, 2011
A user of Macintosh computers, an Apple fan.
"So did you get caught out by that annoying (virus/worm/trojan)?"
"Nah, I'm a Mactard"
by Lucas May 27, 2004
Someone who is incapaple of using a Mac
I cannot coordinate a slow-moving mouse with only one button because I am a mactard
by jamlip April 29, 2005

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