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A mythical device said to be created by unicorns and fairies that will cure you from STD's, cancer, receding hairline, gingivitis and most cases of jock itch. Will not protect you from the H1N1 virus as it is used in the manufacturing process.

An actual sample of said device has never been found since the Mythical Creatures Manufacturing Union chapter 48 has closed down talks and have went on strike.
Tom: Man come look at this cool ass Macpadd mouse pad I'm going to order. It says that I can save the world if I purchase this thing.

Frank: What? It's a slab of aluminum with some rubber shelf matting. I can make you that right now in the garage.

Tom: But look, it says it will protect me from the H1N1 virus. You know I don't like getting sick.

Frank: It's aluminum. A quick shot of Lysol, or better yet bleach, would work out better.

Tom: But I'm an Apple connoisseur and I need this. It has Mac in the name so it must be fancy.

Frank: Whatever. It's your money asshat. I'm going to the bar.
#macpadd #ripoff #fraud #fail #worthless
by NunyoBidnez November 04, 2009
A mousepad for your Mac or Apple computer
"Where'd you get that mousepad for your Mac?"
"Oh its my MacPadd!"
#apple #mac #mousepad #mouse #pad
by meeka84 January 18, 2009
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