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a really nice, sporty, beautiful, fun to be around, amazing girl!
all the guys are so lucky to have her

has amazing friend
macie is back yayayyyy evryone loves macieeee
by macies bff February 05, 2010
Always caring and wanting to have fun, all Macie's are life long friends. They are nice and welcome anyone into their life. They are willing to accept challenges and can overcome emotions easily. Scientifically proven to be the best cousin in the world! They are amazing in every way possible.
Guy 1: 'Hey look, who's that new hot chick?'
Guy 2: 'Her name's Macie, she's in my english class.'
Guy 1: 'She looks amazing'
Guy 2: 'She is, she really is.'
by macie4ever December 03, 2011
scientifically proven, Macies of the world are 100% hot, bangin and/or extremely fuckable. When seeing such a Macie, you will become sexually aroused and most likely get a full or partial erection.. Note: similar results as a medusa, except only part of you turns to stone. Look away if a Macie is near.
oh my god, macies walking over here. look away so you wont pitch a tent.
by boyfriendddddddddddddddddddddd August 03, 2010
The exact definition of a beautiful, talented, lover and fighter. She will kick your ass to keep you going for your own good, and then she'll hug you and give you a bandaid and say "good job!". She will motivate you to be a better person, because she is that great of a person. She will make every girl jealous with her beauty and make every guy jealous who doesn't have her. Her ass is phenomenal. She can turn your worst day into the best just by her precense. She is the best friend you could ever ask for.
Damn, that macie is fine as hell.

Look at that ass!
by Bobbie.Lynn.123 May 10, 2012
blonde. beautifully gorgous. very, VERY sexy (:
yup, thats a macie mayun. !
by brianna<3 August 30, 2008
Pretty. She is the prettiest person you have ever seen. All the boys follow her and want her. Some girls are very jealous. She is smart, funny, an has a lot of friends.
Boy 1: I'm gonna go talk to Macie
Boy 2: No I am
Boy 3: No I am!!
by Lleneash September 16, 2013
A Hoe!
or sometimes a stripper!
"She's macies"
"Damn macies working that pole!"
by Johnathen February 23, 2008

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