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1. Derived from the polish "Mahar", it was americanized in the late 1700's to refer to the state of damp and moist weather the central region of Canada by Polish immigrants in the autumn season.
2. It has evolved in the central region of Canada for the behavioral trait of coldness or lack of interest exuded by a woman. Often used as a median of sorts, between "Bitch" and "Arrogance".
1. "When we arrived to Canada, I was shocked to see how macher the weather was in this new country. The cold touch of the damp, dank autumn leaves on my feet, on the front porch." - An exert from - Tales of New Canada, Mark Dudek, 1996.

2. Well I tried to talk to her last night at the party, but she was far too macher for my liking.
by Kyle Rose June 13, 2008

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