A sleek, modern, and powerful piece of technology. Sometimes it's so reliable, you forget how awesome it is.
Yeah, I'll bring my Macbook and we'll work on it then.
by gammyjammy November 20, 2014
Apples laptop with a 5 hour battery life.Period
I have a MAC!!!!!!
Yes that overpriced computers by apple.
Did you pay $999 for a laptop that does the same as one from $499.
Yes if you want a black color and 200 MHz more you pay 1399
Dude serious, how are the graphics in cod4
It doest even open cod4 cuz it has a bad graphics card.
Owh, Unreal tournament 3
Nope to bad,
Super mario 64 in a emulator
It works but the fan goes to 6200 rpm after 2 minutes playing.
Owh, how is battery life
5 Hours
OMG, my alienware only get 30 minutes
My alienware with its Dual SLI 8800 GTX and 2,8 Ghz beats macbook.
Really, do you carry a diesel generator to play 1 hour
No i use "stealth" mode to get 2 hours battery life.
What? a B-2 Stealth bomber? OMG
No, then the Gpu and Cpu gets under clocked
Macs dont need that shit.
Macs are just too big overpriced iPods
Haha, my mac has a magnetic power cord.
My alienware has 2 1000 watt power supplies to keep it just running.
Lol, mine is only 70 watt
Do you have a backlit keyboard,
No, you need to go pro for that ($2000)
Do you have customizable lights everywhere
No just a White apple on the back and a green caps lock light.
Lol i have 9 light zones.
Do you have a SMS
A what?
A Sudden Motion Sensor
When you lift my macbook a alarm goes off.
Lol, i have only 6 noisy fans to keep everything under 80 degrees Celsius.
I have only one silent fan.
Do you have a webcam built in
Yes its called a isight
A what.
A isight, thats apples name for a bad quality webcam
My lid will close with a magnet
Mine has 4 locks to keep it closed.
I have 2 speakers
OMG, i have seven just for the ultimate gaming experience
How much crashes vista?
Everytime, Shit it happens again (Bluescreen of death)
*User offline*
Are you there
Shit kernel panic screen
Hold down power button until computer turns off
*User offline*

by JasonMCapple May 17, 2008
fucking amazing, commonly though of as a non-gaming computer by pc owners, but now it can run Windows (through bootcamp) rendering PCs completely useless-er.
"my mac book can do everything your pc can, and it does it for less money and twice as good."
"PCs are so amazing!!! we can use Windows Vista!"---"Fuck you, my mac can run vista and OSX bitch."

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