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the equivelant of wow..
You see some something cool and say "MacDAMIa Nut!!"
by Zach and/or will March 09, 2004
Those sneaky little bastards that hide out in cookies and try to fool you into thinking they're white chocolate chips.
With my mouth watering, I bit into a soft cookie full of luscious white chunks, only to get a mouthful of macadamia nuts.
by DaFink January 17, 2011
to express how cool something or someone is.
Man this party is Macadamia nut.
by griff March 11, 2004
A "professional" person in a school that cannot use a PC, but demands to do everything on a Macintosh because PC's require ordered thinking to use, which is nearly impossible for many academics, especially the liberal ones.
Professor Sloan worships on a tricked out G5, he's a Macadamia nut!
by JibJob September 12, 2006