A father of children who also owns and is a fan of Apple Mac computer.
One kid saying to another: "My daddy loves Macs. He is a Mac Daddy."
by Santosh "Mac Daddy" George June 17, 2007
The Mac Daddy is some guy, that can eat 5 McDonald Big Mac's
Yo this guy is the Big Mac Daddy...
by Josh H** February 08, 2008
one who knows all about Macintosh computers, and hooks you up with good deals on software, repair, etc.
If you need an ipod or an OS update, get yourself a mac daddy, you'll score good deals.
by bigwinner April 27, 2005
A man who uses an Apple computer and has fathered at least one child.
No example needed because the definition of Mac Daddy is so obvious.
by iQuack March 31, 2008
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