Can be defined as the father/god/master of owning bitches.A Mac daddy is such a person as using woman as his slaves.He uses money drugs and fear to control his bitches.And uses charm,wit and a large amount of cash to keep his hoes hooked to his muthafucking nature.
Bitch im the muthafucking.... mac.U Can call me daddy!
by Jamal jonez June 27, 2005
unlike a player(gigalo), a mac daddy has more than just the ladies as a way fulfill his mackin (money & reputation) ways. a mac daddy is a man's man and has many ways(games)to handle his business.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
Nigga preeze, tha true mac daddy is tha pimp. Get yo mac on, solja!
Are you jokin me? What mac daddy? I'm the one that's here fo you ladies.
by June 22, 2007
Sweet Ass lacrosse gloves
my friend has pimp skin mac daddy gloves
by scarpi June 17, 2007
A father of children who also owns and is a fan of Apple Mac computer.
One kid saying to another: "My daddy loves Macs. He is a Mac Daddy."
by Santosh "Mac Daddy" George June 17, 2007
Anyone who uses a submachine gun well... a real killer. The source was the MAC - a very common submachine gun among gangs due to its ease of purchase.
During the driveby, he was the Mac Daddy.
by newhotness October 26, 2005

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