A very easy to use computer. It doesn't crash all the fucking time like P.C.'s do. It is alot easier to work with and gets better results and is MUCH faster than a pc. You can't play many games on it, but its best for its internet capabilities.
"I'm a retard. I use a P.C. It crashes all the time and I think I'll have to buy a new computer because this one sucks so much. Maybe this time I'll be smart and take a mac."
by marcotte March 10, 2003
a computer that onls smart, creative people know how to use. These tend to be 100% better safer and better looking than any other computer in the world.
your friend: I have a virus on my brand new dell

You: I just bought a mac Pro and encoded 5 1080P streams in 30 minutes.

You: friend: Macs are stupid
by Jim Tenaphotry November 07, 2006
A Computer Marketed by Apple Inc. Its OS Mac OS X is superior to Windows. For the people that think its a trend, stop and think... Maybe the people who buy macs recently just like that they actually work. Macs are not trends, whoever says so knows nothing about computers.
Lisa: Macs are such a trend
Me: Mac OS is better and superior you dumb bitch
by Mac Rules January 05, 2008
Formerly McIntosh, also known as "Apple," the company has shortened their name to Mac. Mac is a computer operating system that runs on UNIX code, a system developed in 1969 at AT&T Bell Laboratories which can support multitasking in a multiuser environment. Mac is a powerful system, highly capable of multitasking, which is competitor Microsoft's biggest weakness in their operating system, Windows. Unfortunately, any car enthusiast would know that "it's more about who's driving, than what's under the hood." Even with all of Mac's power, their severe lack of compatibility and difficult setup make Windows by far a more popular choice by most.
My Mac pwns your silly PC, fool.

(Note: I am actually a PC enthusiast, anti-Mac... I'm just trying to be unbiased)
by Bo Duke... February 16, 2005

A master in the art of communication

Persuasively Charismatic
"Now to, understand-a mac-a-fram-a-lama, you must first know the lingo
Comprehend the grammar
Feel me when I flow, learn what I'm lacin
M.A.C, I Mastered the Art of Communication"
by KBRC August 08, 2014

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