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It isn't your scene, it's better than a sex scene, and it's so fucking obscene, obscene, yeah.
You came to see the mOBSCENE
I know it isn't your scene
it's better than a sex scene
and it's so fucking obscene, obscene YEAH!
by The Waffler May 05, 2005
A gathering to have fun. However the activities are offensive to politicians and
other authority figures.
The kids were burning shit and doing drugs,
it was a total mOBSCENE
by T-diddy March 10, 2004
An awesome programmer who is member "A" of the J.A.C.K.S.. They use ^o) and :| MSN smiles quite often, but they are fucking awesome. Also they are married to a certain Jackquelyn Dianne Garrett.
mOBSCENE is fucking awesome!
by Archon20 May 09, 2009
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