Probably the best car ever made...an amazing 5.0L V10 w/ 507 HP that will blow the doors off of any asian or american sports car, and beats most mercedes (not the mclaren)...currently the fastest STOCK car available in the world.
Randy: I would sell my soul to satan to have an M5.

Check out the google video of an M5 beating a Lamorghini Galardo....(not a stock car)..O DAMN!
by RandyII November 06, 2006
to one up someone or somthing
I just M5'd your ass.

by SteveKathy55 July 10, 2008
the best kick ass sedan you can get. it looks like a bull dog and drives like one. it costs a fortune, 100 grand, but its worth every cent. best thing of all, its made by BMW, who know how to make cars more than anyone else.
Joe: i have the best car in the world, the Cadillac STS-V
Jack: shut up all cars suck compared to my king of cars, the 500 hp v10 bmw M5
by Porshcephile December 29, 2008
The Ultimate BMW 5-Series. Supersaloon (sedan) now with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. Better than all uber-saloons. Apart from the Jaaag XFR-S.
"Matt's M5 just owned Dave's E63 AMG"
by JaaagMan January 26, 2013
Brad's future automobile.
"Did you see Brad ridin' around in his new M5?"
"Yeah, he's one cool cat, but not cat-like in a sense to imply any similarity to Chrissmith."
by P911C4 February 04, 2003

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