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Basically, it's a person bowing! The two M's are the hands of the person, the _'s are the person's eyes, and the ()'s are the sides of the person's head.
Person 1- I command you to do this!
Person 2- Yes, master. m(_ _)m
#person bowing #smiley bowing #bowing #bwing #smly
by RiaLee January 02, 2007
Japanese emoticon for: My apologies
M's are the hands on the ground with the the head/eyes bowing.
A: Please help me with this.
B: I am sorry for troubling you. m(_ _)m
#emoticon #apologize #bow #japan #japanese
by BShouse November 06, 2007
(n) A Japanese emoticon used to convey the act of bowing to another. This usually means you admire something of them, or wish to show respect. In some cultures, bowing is also a way of greeting one another (however, if you use this emoticon to greet someone who is not from a culture of bowing, then you will most likely confuse them).
{Example 1}
Sensei (teacher): Goodmorning, pupil.

Student: m(_ _)m

{Example 2}
1: I just beat Halo2 in like an hour!!

2: Was this your first time playing?

1: YEAH!!!

2: m(_ _)m You are truly talented.
#m(_ _)m #japanese #emoticon #bow #respect #admire
by <(o.0;)> October 16, 2008
It's a Japanese Emote.

1. Sorry
2. Please take care of that affair for me

1. gomen
2. yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Person #1: Want to group in Valkurm Dunes?
Person #2: m(__)m
by illusan February 08, 2005
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