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past tense of the surname disease "M'tard."
symptoms include:
yelling, crying, forgiveness, psychosomatic cases, blaming of others for a poor life, staring into space for 2.5 minutes, cringes at the sound of singing, likes cats, and is bi-polar.
remedies to this disease:
alone time, psychiatric help, or suicide.
"Miss M'tarded screamed at us in class again today...fuck that."
by big momma jalopenoes September 14, 2007
5 25
Short for "mega-retarded", indicating a level of retardation above and beyond all instances previously encountered by the speaker.
"Jesus, you're more m'tarded than I thought!"
by T. Strange July 03, 2003
113 67
A Mexican who lives in America, but does not understand, or pretends to not understand the English language.

Also see M-Tard
That new employee Jose is such a M-Tard. He knew what I meant when I said "make sure you get my rims clean" -OR- Consuela starts acting M-Tarded around me when I ask her to clean the house better, or if she missed a spot on the floor.
by nostopin September 05, 2010
2 0
Short for "Mega Retarded"
The guy who wrote the definition for "Fucking Bastard" must be record breakingly m'tarded.
by Stone Dog November 03, 2006
14 28