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A person so mentally, socially, or emotionally lame that they are unable or afraid to attend even basic social functions. They tend to provide very weak excuses for their antisocial behavior. They also tend to be weak-willed, spineless, dweeby suck-ups.
Sumon: I can't go to the lunch to honor Nicole, I have to talk to my boss.
Steve: You luzer, she was counting on you being there!
by Leo Dante November 17, 2009
A person that vindictively and maliciously posts lies to popular sites in an attempt to embarrass or humiliate the other parties. These people usually posses sub-par intellect, bad hygiene and low self-esteem which makes them lash out at others.
Steve: Hey Sumon, I just posted a completely false statement about you on the internet. Check this out! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! I'm a crazy megalomaniac!!!!

Sumon: Wow Steve, that's completely untrue and false. That's actually defamation and allows me to sue you for your entire fortune. Not only that, but you're the only luzer around here Steve.

Steve: You're right, I am a complete luzer. I'm going to go and cry in the men's bathroom again.
by steveisaluzer November 19, 2009
Someone who keeps spelling "loser" as "looser" on Message boards and is referred to as being a "LUZER".
Charles is a LUZER because he can't post the truth and always has to lie about what he is.
by epmb September 03, 2006
Another word for 'loser' but the 's' is replaced with a 'z'.

An insult, to be exact.
PARKING LOT: Uh. Hah.. hahah?
I'm an idiot: That was somewhat amusing.
~@_Dog: Luzer.
by DeathWanderer December 28, 2004
The often used term mostly on computers which is calling a certain person either someone who loses at something all the time, or someone who is a bum who another person does not like.
Example 1: 'Dave'Aww you beat me at checkers, again!
'Jack' Haha..You are such a luzer
Example 2: 'Raynell'Hi what's up?
'Mark'Shut up, you are such a luzer!
by ScorpionVamp January 01, 2005

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