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to love beyond being in love ;)
I lurv my man, more than words.
by itsy December 28, 2004
153 150
a phrase used by drunks to express affection, and/or "love"
drunk: " hey hunny, i lurv you.."

man: "excuse me sir, i beleve you are drunk.."
by dream child April 08, 2010
189 86
Strong feelings between two people, but not necessarily love. It's best seen in very close friends. Also seen when a guy (or girl) is too cheap or nervous to say "I love you."
I lurv you too :DD
by Sleepyyawn July 02, 2011
26 9
When one or both parties in a relationship don't quite love eachother, but have feelings for them that are strong.
by Kelsi4192 May 09, 2007
100 90
The psychotic way of saying love
I lurvs michelle so much its crazy kwel.
by HappySadEMOGIrL March 15, 2007
9 4
A re-defined version of "love". when you are too cheap to tell someone you love them (for lack of emotion) "LURV" is the next best thing.
Boy:"I love you."
Girl:"...i Lurv you too"
by Poetaetoe face January 17, 2005
105 115
love in the strongest sense.
You are my best friend I lurv you.
I lurv dark chocolate
by Jessico October 26, 2006
84 126