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very cool
its kwel = its good
by jullie November 22, 2003
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A word that means about the same as cool, but started as a way to differentiate between the two meanings. It has increasingly been used to replace the word cool in texts and notes between friends. It is used to express that something or someone is held in high esteem, an item is wanted, something is valuable, and/or and action was admirable.
person one: Hey what is that?
person two: Its my new ipod!
person one: Kwel!!

person one: O-M-G did you see Person do what?!
person two: umm let me think yeah!
person one: That was so totally kwel!
by ZarahMarieS April 24, 2008
Legendary ring leader of an infamous band of Horde and Alliance known for The Hunt, and should be respected as such. Lowbies would flee at the mere SIGHT of him, and others cowered at his battle cry.

His final resting place was that of Stranglethorn Vale. After three minor infractions, Kwel was done in by 4 words: Eat shit and die. We will remember this fallen hero as one of our greatest, topping even that of the Blueberrypie Legacy.

Kwel, you shall live forever in our hearts.
(Kwel) yells: THE HUNT!!!

(Nubone) says: Look! There he goes! Quick, let's bubble-hearth out of here!

by Subservent Peon September 10, 2007
The fag way to spell cool.
It's the way fags spell cool... for ex:

Person 1- "Dude, that rollercoster was kwel"

Person 2- "Your a fag.

(Assuming that it's all spelled out)
by bunny killaz April 09, 2009

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