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A slang term used by several gangs with different meanings. The infamous "BLOODS" often use this term in reference to the morning appetizer of a bagel of any sort combined with shmear and the optional addition of locks.
The "Latin Kings" use the term when describing a a new memeber with a small penis and a habit of being a cheap-o.
Yo son, Im starving, I need me some LURIA right now.

That lil' nigga is one LURIA.
by Jerry McStudabaker August 02, 2009
a beautiful girl with long hair, vast intellegence, a great body, and is a slayer of rhymes with great taste in clothes, friends and men. only dates sweet, intellegent, strong men that are usually very nicely hung.
guy 1: who's that girl with Christian? she's got style!
guy 2: that must be Luria
by socialbutterfly94 May 11, 2011
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