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absolute suaveness; being stylishly smooth, suave or perfect
"that car is just soooooOoo luqman"
by January 19, 2006
a cool and awesome person, will usually be envied by most of his acquaintances. will not respond to people who are not cool.
i was at a party, everyone was looking at me. i was so luqman
by cateater February 05, 2010
A trustworthy person who protects those close to him and always thinks about his close ones (family, friends)

He is also wise, wise as in he looks at one problem and thinks about all hundred out comes. He might be a daredevil at times but he is normally wise about what he does.

i want luqman as a fighter

I need a luqman

Now thats what i call a luqman
by agent 007 the one for u March 25, 2013
Somebody who is a man-whore and had his first boner at age 4. He's been hoe-ing about his entire life and needs the lord in his life. He also wants to get laid really badly. But, after all of that, he is still a great guy, fun to hang around and finishes your food for you. He has balls of granite and will probably do the stupid stuff you dare him to do.
Omg, that girl is so hot, I feel like a Luqman when I look at her.

Guy1: man can i go for that chick?
Guy2: that's what you said about another chick 2 mins ago. Stop being such a luqman!

Man, you're so much fun, is your name luqman?
by purplethunder37 October 11, 2014
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