A brand of tanktop that comes in multiple colors. The material is very stretchy and comfortable. You can wear Lups 24 hours a day without getting sick of them! They are also a great "push up" to your Marcys and Darcy ;-)...You can buy LUPS (Sugar Lips) at Just Between Friends and Girlish!
I love you shirt!

Thanks, it's a Lups and isn't it soo soft!?


I'm lupsing it up right now!


You are sooo Lupsful!
by notorious BMG January 14, 2008
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The curves of the sacred feminine geometry. Not to be confused with fat. An important social movement consciously veering away from the emaciated I-can-see-your-ribcage, don't-feed-the-models, patriarchal standard of feminine beauty.
She puts the lup in voluptuous
by masala July 05, 2006
Lazy Useless Piece of Shit
"my fat construction buddy is a real LUPS"
by owens January 13, 2007
"Lüp" is a really cool word when you have nothing else to say.
See also: moo and meh
"What the hell do you think you're doing?"
by IKEA June 26, 2004
a massive big piece of shit
Ed 'what the fuck is that in your mouth'

Alex (muffled) 'a damn good meal'

Ed 'whats it called'

Alex 'Lup you fuckin lupper, don't you ever use ud'
by stephenrw January 19, 2009
Laugh Until Peng San = laugh until one passes out.
When I heard that joke, I LUPS. / Your fall made me LUPS.
by Cecilia January 15, 2005
to steal or rob, as in a mugging (used primarily by asian thugs)
yo, jay got lupped last night in flushing by some hispanic kids. let's find one and beat him up.
by block1of4 October 28, 2003

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