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1. an extremely runny pran

2. a long bout of diarrhea
Alex 'ohhhhh ohhhhhh'

Ed 'Alex what the fuck are you doing'

Alex 'oh man, i've got a damn running pran, its runnier than water dude'

Ed 'nice'
by stephenrw January 21, 2009
a long bout of constipation
Ed 'Why the hell were you in the bathroom all this time dude'

Alex 'I was trying to do a pran but it just wouldn't come out'

Ed 'You mean you had an endurance pran, gnarly dude'
by stephenrw January 21, 2009
kangaroo poo, however it only truly can be called kakaburu when wrapped in a soggy lettuce leaf
Ed 'hey look is that some kangaroo poo'

Alex 'yeah' (picks it up)

Ed 'what the fuck are you doing'

Alex 'i thought i'd take it home and make myself some kakaburu, its pretty hard to buy nowadays'

Ed 'nice'
by stephenrw January 20, 2009
a pran/shit that burns as it comes out

also known as pran on acid
Alex 'holy shit dude, my ass is on fire'

Ed 'oh man you've got an acid pran'

Alex 'shit dude it won't come out'

Ed 'push harder then'

Alex 'i can't dude, its burning so bad'

Ed 'nice'
by stephenrw January 22, 2009
a massive big piece of shit
Ed 'what the fuck is that in your mouth'

Alex (muffled) 'a damn good meal'

Ed 'whats it called'

Alex 'Lup you fuckin lupper, don't you ever use ud'
by stephenrw January 19, 2009
one who enjoys the art of eating ones shit
Ed 'hey dude what you doin tonight'

Alex ' i'm gonna do some luppin man, it tastes so damn goos'

Ed 'you dirty lupper'
by stephenrw January 19, 2009

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