loser, nerd, no good brotha/sistuh. someone who cant do shit right. Wanna be.
Ja Rule is a total lunky!
by meme October 11, 2004
Top Definition
An erect nipple due to the cold. Can be shortened to lunk(s).
"That girl gies me the lunks"
"You're looking lunky"
by FNKSN November 04, 2006
When someone is too fat to be lanky. It sounds a bit like hunky so tall fat people don't mind being called lunky.
"Matt is so lunky."
by Spannerr. October 02, 2009
1. in the manner of Scott Seibert

2. A nickname applied to Scott Seibert during his High School years.
1. Have a nice trip.. see you next fall. Boy, are you lunky!

2. Hey, Lunky! Your mom is calling you!
by Ejeon LeMaitre September 03, 2004
The mix breed of a lobster and a monkey, hands are of a lobster hairy like a monkey. A lunky also enjoys creeping girls out at the bar and drinking miller lite bottles. He also gives off a distinct smell most oftenly smelled by Gooey. ex. Dan Spinato
Did you see Lunky gripping that miller lite with his lobster claws?
by Jason Cobb March 17, 2006
a loser/nerd/someone who is dick or pussy whipped/ no good/ wanna be like everyone else execpt them.
1. At least my man aint no lunky
2. That nasty bitch is a lunky
3. There is lunkys all over Tx.E.A
by meme October 11, 2004

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