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The condition when you wake up after smoking heavily the night before. Occurs more frequently with non-light cigarettes. Symptoms may include, but not limited to: shortness of breath, general pain in the lung area, and increased volume of phlegm in the lungs.
I had to catch my breath after walking up the stairs due to having a lung over. I shouldn't of had bought and smoked all those Camel Turkish Royals the night before, but they were in a 'buy one get one free' special pack.
by Brettuthius August 04, 2007
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Smoking so many cigarettes in one day or night that you wake up in the morning and your chest hurts when you breathe, your throat is sore, and you have heartburn that won't disappear.
I partied hard last night and woke up with a hangover and a lungover.

I have a lungover from the two packs of cigarettes I smoked last night.
by RebeccaNC March 24, 2008

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