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The condition when waking up after a long (usually drunken) night of smoking many harsh cigarettes that you aren't used to smoking. It is similar to having a lung over, but much worse. A victim of lung coma will find it hard to have their first cigarette of the day, sustain any physical movement, and in some cases, they find themselves without enough wind to complete sentences without taking a breath mid-sentence.
Phillippides: Hey Dad - we should hit up the Around the World mini-golf course a few blocks away. I'll race you there!

Philomelos: Sorry kiddo-beano, I've (gasp) got a nasty lung coma. Not sure if I could (gasp) even hit the ball up the Rickshaw Hill.

Phillippides: You should switch to American Spirits, Dad.
by DougISaHomonym August 06, 2007
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