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A very awesoe kid that makes fun of other people and is really funny
Josh is such a lumpy he is so funny.
by Jarey May 11, 2005
13 281
Another word for when a person gets an erection in an awkward situation.
Roger was in the front of the room giving his speech when he suddenly got a huge lumpy.
by Andy M-CAT January 27, 2010
194 35
A term for a rich bitch that thinks hes a gangster, often dresses like hes black and has the lingo of a black person.
Chad is such a lumpy,he dresses in g-unit and hes white!
by Josh May 07, 2005
437 313
The art of which hitting someone in the manner that they grow a rather large lump on there head, like in cartoons. A slang word for a beat down.
you see how bad you hit that kid? Totally dishing out lumpies.
by Cougar4646 April 06, 2011
2 2
A very lumpy and thick smoothy
kayla: hey these watermellon smoothies are all lumpy and its not smooth.

savannah:they are lumpies!

Becca: give me a lumpy!
by MaXandShadoW August 19, 2010
3 5
A person who is mentally challenged
Jason Stevens is Lumpy
by thiswebsiteisawesome July 05, 2009
27 57
A male who is usually chubby without being fat. This person usually has mental issues.
Matt is getting way out of control, he's being really lumpy.
by Dukette July 26, 2008
31 69
A term to describe a persons feeling and actions, used when feeling tired, lazy or avoiding work.

Can also used as a verb - i.e. to lump or lumping as in lazing about
I feel lumpy
I am going to lump today
I am lumping
by L Vary May 29, 2008
19 61