A very awesoe kid that makes fun of other people and is really funny
Josh is such a lumpy he is so funny.
by Jarey May 11, 2005
Top Definition
Another word for when a person gets an erection in an awkward situation.
Roger was in the front of the room giving his speech when he suddenly got a huge lumpy.
by Andy M-CAT January 27, 2010
A term for a rich bitch that thinks hes a gangster, often dresses like hes black and has the lingo of a black person.
Chad is such a lumpy,he dresses in g-unit and hes white!
by Josh May 07, 2005
The art of which hitting someone in the manner that they grow a rather large lump on there head, like in cartoons. A slang word for a beat down.
you see how bad you hit that kid? Totally dishing out lumpies.
by Cougar4646 April 06, 2011
A very lumpy and thick smoothy
kayla: hey these watermellon smoothies are all lumpy and weird...like its not smooth.

savannah:they are lumpies!

Becca: give me a lumpy!
by MaXandShadoW August 19, 2010
A person who is mentally challenged
Jason Stevens is Lumpy
by thiswebsiteisawesome July 05, 2009
A male who is usually chubby without being fat. This person usually has mental issues.
Matt is getting way out of control, he's being really lumpy.
by Dukette July 26, 2008
A term to describe a persons feeling and actions, used when feeling tired, lazy or avoiding work.

Can also used as a verb - i.e. to lump or lumping as in lazing about
I feel lumpy
I am going to lump today
I am lumping
by L Vary May 29, 2008
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