A term used a few decades ago by an imaginative and creative brother to describe a suspicious skin rash.
Upon observing his brother's rash, he told him that he had lumpuckeroo.
by lekmap April 17, 2005
Top Definition
a very serious illness where your pores turn into assholes and you shit yourself to death.
Sue: OMG! What happened to Steve?
Joe: Lumpuckeroo.
Sue: Lum-Puck-a-what?
Joe: I always knew he was a giant asshole i just didnt think it could kill you!
by JrzyBtch22k April 24, 2008
an unidentified disease you get from kissing.
You better watch out kissing that boy. You'll get the lumpuckeroo.
by eurlgurl January 16, 2008
Apparently a noxious side effect of eating dandelion greens.
Edible dandelion greens? My lawn alone could feed a family of 4 for a wk! Although... not sure they wouldn't have a case of Lumpuckeroo after all that.
by cherbot February 22, 2011
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