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1. A master generator of lulz.
2. One who lulz easily.
3. A loser for the lulz.
That lolcat macro sure is funnay, whoever wrote it is a lulzer.
by manigordo May 02, 2008
One who brings lulz to an otherwise average and boring event.
PersonA: The meeting with the Bobs was so boring until that lulzer came along.
PersonB: Yeah, he made me lul non-stop.
by Lulzer March 04, 2008
Someone who is a luz0r and who brings the lulz.

a loser who brings joy and laughter as we can scoff at their misfortune.

"That girl had sex with a man in a vegetated state-

pure LULZER."

"see that Sheri? she's a lulzer fo' sho'"
by Hot Milk December 10, 2007