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A slang word Meaning, 'small dick'.

Tim: Omg dude, look at that kid flopping his dick out over there..

John: Haha, he's got a lully..
by Vope July 19, 2010
19 11
'Lovely' but said in a childish/cute manner.
Aww, that kitten is lully!
by Naive Amoeba November 30, 2004
52 13
a word that describes something warm, fuzzy and cute that makes you happy when you touch them or see them or think about them.
it can also describe the action of doing something that makes you happy in the aforementioned ways...
kittens are so lully...
sleeping in bed with someone warm is lully :D
by celeste February 16, 2005
33 8
A small boy's penus is refered to as lully in some parts of india ..
that kid had has big lully
by bulkyman January 02, 2005
19 29