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The most annoying thing you'll ever hear.

A horn, I think you'll find..

Vuvuzela: BzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzz

Rest of the world: Shut the fuck up!
by Vope June 23, 2010
Sultan RS is the badass car on the game GTA IV.

It's considered 'rare' as you would hardily ever see them on the streets.

One is spawned in a hidden area, which is located behind a shed in the old manshion in Alderney.

Some say they are the 2nd fastest car on the game. But this is yet to be proven.
Matt: Jesus, dude.. Did you see that kid online with that sultan rs?

Joe: Yeah man, he shouldn't have ditched it.. it's rare..
by Vope July 19, 2010
A slang word Meaning, 'small dick'.

Tim: Omg dude, look at that kid flopping his dick out over there..

John: Haha, he's got a lully..
by Vope July 19, 2010
This has quite a few meanings.

1: (My Favourite) SHUT YOUR SHIT!

2: Shoot yourself.

3: Slap yourself.

4: See you soon.

Example for the 1st meaning.
Tim: Dude omg i love cod man.. it's like the best game everr!!! i pr0 snipez omg!!

Simon: Dude, SYS.
by Vope July 01, 2010
A mexican bus driver.
Eeeloo, mah naem is Quas and I driieeve de coaach
by Vope February 28, 2011
A phrase previously used by trolls, but now used by 12 year old's trying to be cool.

Was used on the image board 4chan.

But now spread around Youtube and Runescape by fucking conformists. Thus making this phrase the most annoying piece of shit ever to come onto the internets.

Seriously, it's even worse than 'coolstorybro'
Jim: You're an ass hole

12y.oconformist: "umadbro"

Mature people: Fucking egg in a bun.
by Vope February 28, 2011
Coolstorybro is most commonly said by 12 year old faggots.

It used to be used on the image board 4chan as a reply to a long, descriptive post.

But now the phrase has been spread around the internets by stupid fucking kids who are trying to be cool.

If you see someone typing this, flame them immediately.
Jim: Hi

Faggot: Coolstorybro

Jim: Oh, so you're copying off the other kids now..

Faggot: Coolstory

Jim: Fucking idiot.
by Vope February 28, 2011

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