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A really cute asian guy but a total jerk;fag at times who loves a really cute asian kid name jonathan o_o
Damn luhan i fucking hate you....but your really cute o_o
by Dan Nguyen May 01, 2008
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A 22 year-old guy from a band named Exo who has the face of a five-year old. Often weeps about his love for a certain maknae named Sehun who is currently in South Korea. Has a baby face but if you've seen his abs, you'll know what's really underneath.

Often has girls crying over him over his extreme cuteness, and also his extreme sexiness.
May possibly be extremely gay for Sehun.
His name means "deer of the dawn" or "morning deer" in Chinese.
Likes to call a certain Xiumin "baozi" which means meatbun in Chinese.
Also has the power of telekinesis.
May or may not make your ovaries explode.
If you see Luhan, try your hardest not to violate him.
Sehun: Oh my gosh, did you see that Luhan?
Me: Yeah, what about him?
Sehun: He's my boo! So don't you dare touch him.
by baconeggyeolsandwich January 13, 2013
470 60
a chinese gay who hasn't come out of his shell. Though he is caught in between loving Sehun (co-member) and a filipino gal named Ainnie (luhan's wa aini)
Luhan: Ainnie!
Ainnie: Yes?
Luhan: wa aini Ainnie
Sehun: Luhan.... NOOOOO!
by umma22 January 06, 2014
12 72