A rapper who nowadays appears in the most random rap/hip hop songs with no distinguishing lyrics. Ranging from Justin Bieber, Taio Cruz and Pitbull.
Guy 1: "Man, why is Ludacris on every song now?"
Guy 2: "Because he obviously needs more credibility."
by CraveOriginalMusic December 28, 2010
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One of the few respectable rappers out there. Lyrics are usually hilarious.
You can catch me in Rome, mac'in some broads and stickin' 'em, while you'll be at home, pickin' yo boogars and flickin 'em.
by tt October 22, 2003
Ludacris, one of the top rappers out there right now. Last cd sawa "Get Back MotherFucker You Don't Know Me Like That."
"Stand Up" "Stand Up" If ya don't like him you can sit the fuck down.
by zach April 08, 2005
crazy, pyschotic, off the wall, insane
Putting big saran wrap on the toilet is completly ludacris.
by Ashley January 03, 2005
atlanta rapper, his real name: chris bridges, n his bdai is on sept. 11, 1977, yup dat make him 28 yrs old. luda started as a dj in atl, n soon got a record label frm scarface w/ def jam. he also starred in 2fast 2furious as taj. luda is a crazy ass rapper n his lyrics r hot, and alwaiz creative, sumtimez almost as crazy as eminem's. luda is a hot n sexy lil muthafucka hoo is truly one of da greatest rappers out dea rite now, and he aint gon b forgotten for a long time!!!
"she put dat suga on ma tounge tounge,
yippy yippy yum yum,
goodie goodie gum drop,
put me in a tounge lock,
did it till ma body went numb numb,
laid her on her bac bac,
turn her around gave her bottom a smack smack,
she da woman frm da block w/ da best of weave,
but i wnt stop till im pulln out tracks tracks,
it waz lust @ 1st site,
n she coodnt help sayn she wanted 2 get w/ me,
n ma size waz jus rite,
cuz she wanted a man w/ a lil security,
said i been round da wrld 2ice,
n ma name ring bellz frm atlanta 2 sicily,
said she wanted it all nite
so put da bubbles in da tub and
ludacris n me"
by lil flave June 21, 2005
the finest fuckin rapper, flows is crazy, got punchlines for days, gotta big dick, freaky as fuck, and fine as hell, LUDA IS WHASSUP YALL
Not much of a holler-er, but I like to borrow her lips,
Bringin' out the best in me, 'specially if she's a swallower~My music sticks in fans veins like an IV~Nobody light-skinded reppin harder since Ice-T
You disagree, take the Tyson approach and bite me!
by yerfukkinmamabytch April 20, 2005
a great rapper who has done songs such as one minute man,what's your fantasy,roll out and other shit like dat.
Yo man Ludacris is tight G!
by Fuckyallhaters August 10, 2003
what chingy, ja, and others should be
get back you dont know me like that
by CHRISNXR1 January 24, 2005
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