A sexy man that raps about bitches, hoes, and area codes
I got hoe in different area codes
by Bre December 16, 2004
Generic, trend rapper who ripped off the name from the now titled "norma jean," underground hXc band.
Ludacris changed their name to NormaJean b/c that stupid rapper took it.
by jaison June 09, 2005
A twit whose songs should make women want to remove his testicles with a rusty coke can, as they are so offensive and degrading. He also cannot speak the English language worth a damn. Perhaps someone should explain this thing called grammar to him.

In addition, likes to use gay slurs. Glorifies violence. Disgusting human being in general, really.
"The bitches want me to fuck them"

"All you faggot motherfuckers make way for 2-0"
by chem grrl April 02, 2005
another scumbag "rapper" or "hip hop artist" that makes a living by producing songs that glorify life as an ignorant, cocky ghetto-nigger with lots of money, "bling bling" and "hoes", or whatever other stupid trend-of-the week the monkeys are pitching these days on MTV.
Ludacris is fucking stupid mainstream trash and I hope you get robbed by a moolie if you listen to him.
by niqquh December 11, 2005
Another rapper that drove rock into the ground thanks to MTV. Not sexy or hot. Just plain sucks.
10000 thumbs down but do I give a fuck?You whiny bastards got my last one deleted.
by Eric February 15, 2005
Def Jam rapper from the Dirty South.
Got the skillz to pay the billz.
Not as good as Redman, Sermon, Keith Murray, Meth or N.O.R.E though.
Check out Ludacris, 'Chicken and Beer'.
by Diego October 02, 2003
MY HUSBAND - the best rapper to ever hit da rap scene. he's fukin' gorgeous too.
Ludacris hunny.... come back 2 bed
by Her Majesty The Queen June 29, 2003

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