Dealer talk for acid.
1: hey man you wanna go on an adventure with Lucy tonight?
2: definitely man, how much for 3?
by nicholelovesking October 26, 2010
she is beautifuul, sexy and everyone loves her, she has no enemies, but sometimes makes mistakes, phwoaar shes one sexy beast, everyone loves her, she is loving and caring, and musical
1- whos tht?
2-shes lucy
1- shes sexaay
2- i know
by beautyyy October 19, 2010
The most amazing and forgiving girl in the world. Any guy would be lucky to have her. And she's amazing in bed. Every guy wants her but there's only one man for her. So loyal and trusting. And fit as hell.
1. I wish I had a Lucy, I would bang her every night, she's peng.
2. Don't you worry about her cheating? nahh, she's a Lucy.
by lollidollx September 23, 2010
Lucy's are loving, caring, cute, classy and most Lucy's are gorgeous

Lucy's are the best dressed and have a love for things that are girly , but still tough and strong girls, when life needs them to be.

Everyone needs a Lucy in his or her life.

Also known as: Lusy, Lucie, and Lusie's.
Lucie is looking beautiful as always.

Lusy is such a strong person.

Lusie is good on the in, and outside.

Lucy is my light in the dark.
by wisedom123123456 September 19, 2013
A beautiful girl, destined to be a star, the sort of person a boy falls in love with, just like that.
Pure golden skin with intense eyes and long, silky hair, any girl named Lucy is in luck. They will be ravishing.
My daughter looks like a Lucy.
by omgoshtheyareawesome July 24, 2013
A single cigarette that is sold by itself, not within the package it normally comes in.
"Lets go down to the corner store and buy a lucy, I've only got 20 cents on me."
by JDub1983 June 24, 2008
A single cigarette bought at a corner store from an arab
Let me get a lucy, mohammed jihad
by Dustin Charles March 04, 2005
Lucifer's Leap. One of the harder trails at Butternut ski area, but still wicked easy.
Im gonna go down Lucy's, man.
by annon. February 08, 2004

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