Dealer talk for acid.
1: hey man you wanna go on an adventure with Lucy tonight?
2: definitely man, how much for 3?
by nicholelovesking October 26, 2010
she's sweet and lovable and will love you for the rest of eternity. she's fun and happy but you need want to see her dark side.her heart could fit the world in it and she has a smart and witty sense of humor.
i wish i had a Lucy<3 <3
by daisy loopan October 17, 2013
Lucy is a short girl who is often timid around strangers, crazy around her friends and abolutely insane aroung her TRUE friends. Lucy is a big city girl who dreams of living somewhere big like NYC or LDC. Lucy is an intellegent girl who often underestimates herself and needs to give herself far more credit. Lucy is a gore loving person who doesnt mind getting her hands dirty and loves bloody horror movies and action movies, she also has a secret soft spot for romance. Lucy is a great girl to have in your life and once you get to know her she will make your life amazing. Lucy is just girl looking for love...<3
"hey, whos that girl shes amazing"
"man, thats lucy, isnt she great"
by rosiejano November 19, 2012
an amazing young girl with a brilliant personallity u will never find a more hilarious chick in the world than her. if she isnt this then shes not a real lucy
Girl 1: Wow lucy's hilarious
Girl 2: yer ayye
by Valkyrie Cain November 25, 2011
A believer. One who sees things others can't. One who brings everyone together and saves the world!
Why are you so awesome Madam?

Well.. my parents did name me Lucy...
by putalidonitnnipitindabud October 23, 2012
A 'Lucy' is a very inteligent and beautiful woman with the heart of an angel and the courage of a fierce lion-ess. She one of the nicest people you will ever meet or come across.
Guy: WOW, who the heck is that?:O
Other Guy: OMG thats LUCY
Guy: Wow she's so sexy i want her in my pants.

*Lucy Walks Past* -Smiles-

*guys fall on the floor*

Guy and other guy: She Is the most beautiful person i've ever seen!:O
by the_amazing_definition_giver98 November 28, 2011
lucy, is a young and beautiful chick who is the envy of everybody at school. Her good looks and amazingly hot body attracts the boys. she is a great friend who is super smart and funny. A little bit of a rockstar, Lucy will rock your world each and every day. she has sandy blonde/brown hair ( likes to keep it really natural), tanned skin and brown eyes , her rack is huge and she likes to flaunt it. every boy in town crawls for her but every Lucy knows that boys have to work to win her heart.
she is actually so hot that she could easily be Justin Bieber's date on the red carpet. that's how hot she.
bro, did you see Lucy on the weekend? She look so hot!

man, no i didn't! i'm so diappointed because i try to see her as much as a can but so many guys are chasing her that she is hard to catch :(

bro, i know how you feel, the guys were talking about how how she was today and like almost the whole grade jimmed in and starting talking about her too.

bro, i have to get me Lucy
by story teller 101 June 08, 2011
A mysterious brunette with ice blue eyes and a spectacular smile. She is bold, talented, and easy-going.
Bella from Twilight but cooler and not stupid with the name Lucy, not Bella.
by whjfkjhfhuioip June 20, 2010
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