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a word to describe a type of pirate who is especially skilled at skydiving and kicking ass.
Long John Silver was quite the lucca.
by Ben Rodola April 09, 2006
a hipster; usually consists with a fixed gear bicycle and a flannel of some sort.
If you go to williamsburg you'll find a lot of Luccas walking around
by wahsahbee April 01, 2009
A friend of Crono, who is the main character in Chrono Trigger. She's an inventor.
Lucca: (About passed out guard) This is what happens to the fool who challenges the mighty Lucca! Ha-hahaha!
by Nick July 07, 2003
lucca is an animal, a cross-breed between a spaniel and a cat high on marijuana. the lucca has a tendency to excrete on sidewalks and sing opera songs about bob marley. there are a lot of things to say about the lucca but it would take a few novels to explain everything about the lucca. but what I can say is the lucca is a bit of a mongoose.
omg look a lucca! why is it walking sideways?!
by poseidonswagbag October 06, 2013