'less than three' = <3

an acronym to the <3, for some people think it looks like an arse, and saying 'ltt' looks better.

Usually said to a friend
person 1: i bought you a bunny for your b-day!

person 2: LTT!!!!
by Mo'E September 22, 2008
An acronym for "Last Two Tryscorers", LTT is a popular sweep game in Australia in which participants win a cash prize if their ticket contains the last two tryscorers in a rugby league game.

Participants pay a specified amount, say $5, to receive a ticket which contains one player from each team. Depending on the rules for reserves, there could be up to 225 tickets with each possible combination. The winner is the person with the ticket that contains the last tryscorer from each team, the prize being the total amount received from all participants.

An LTT compettion is usually conducted on an important rugby league match such as the State Of Origin or the Grand Final.

LTT is much more exciting than its poor cousin FTT (first two tryscorers), since you need to wait until the end of the game to determine the winner.

"Hey Mick, are you running an LTT on the SOO this year?"
by doc brown June 23, 2007
a common term in Fantasy Football circles, true definition is "Lets Talk Trade" but is often used to begin a negotionation
Otis, any interest in an LTT lunch
by Righetti March 03, 2005

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